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William M. Katz, Jr.
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Thompson & Knight attorneys represent clients in mediation, arbitration, summary trial proceedings, and other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”)  throughout the United States.  We have the experience to help clients navigate the complex web of dispute resolution and have conducted arbitrations under the rules of the major arbitral institutions, as well as in ad hoc arbitrations.

At Thompson & Knight, we are acutely aware of arbitration’s increasing importance to our clients.  We believe, moreover, that they deserve as much advice before an arbitration has been filed as after.  That is why our approach to arbitration is different: we believe in careful, thoughtful preparation of any arbitration clause that may become the subject of a dispute. 

We also believe our transactional lawyers have a critical role to play not only in that preparation but also in the conduct of arbitrations themselves.  For that reason, our arbitration group, unlike that of virtually any other firm, cuts across our transactional and dispute resolution practice groups.

Our attorneys keep current on the latest developments in ADR procedures, inform and train their colleagues on the effective use of ADR, and present seminars to clients on the advantages of ADR to resolve legal disputes.