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T&K Trial attorneys have tried asbestos cases to juries since the first asbestos plaintiff’s verdict in 1971 in Southeast Texas, where we have since handled and resolved more than 10,000 cases for clients. Our attorneys serve as members of National and Regional Counsel and as members of National Trial Teams for Fortune 100 companies in asbestos cases and trials in Texas, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington State, and elsewhere.

We also defend clients in complex and sophisticated toxic tort, mass tort, class action, and property damage litigation matters, including pesticide and herbicide litigation; multi-party toxic exposure cases and alleged exposure to benzene and other chlorinated solvents; vinyl chloride exposure cases; and groundwater contamination and air emissions. Our attorneys have developed expertise in epidemiology, pulmonology, pathology, toxicology, neurology, air modeling, hematology, and various other scientific disciplines, and are skilled at debunking junk science claims and handling Daubert issues attacking and defending expert testimony. We have advised clients about risk of liability and assessment of potential future claims resulting from the release of other hazardous substances. 

Thompson & Knight’s attorneys handle enforcement actions, Superfund multi-party litigation, and private and governmental cost recovery actions, together with related agency investigations and proceedings. We handle cases involving environmental torts, which combine elements of toxic tort litigation and environmental litigation in their allegations of air, soil, groundwater, and surface water contamination. We have defended environmental class actions and claims of subsurface contamination arising from a variety of oil and gas exploration and storage activities.

As a result of our long history and experience, T&K Trial attorneys have achieved significant success in defending asbestos cases, including preparing cases for trial, selecting and seating juries, and trying cases to verdict.  We have resolved more than 10,000 claims against major manufacturers of asbestos-containing products. The Firm regularly manages and aggressively defends dockets of thousands of plaintiffs for our clients. A proprietary database we developed allows our lawyers to compile, store, and instantly access case data such as work history, exposure, case status, and other details. We use efficient, cost-effective document collection processes and cutting-edge technology to provide seamless case management.