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Trustees' services are often required in bankruptcies or workouts, and our attorneys frequently serve as trustees and as trustees' attorneys in many cases. One of our attorneys is a member of the official panel of Chapter 7 Trustees in the Southern District of Texas and regularly serves as both a Chapter 7 and a Chapter 11 trustee. Our attorneys also regularly serve as attorneys for trustees in Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 cases.

Thompson & Knight bankruptcy attorneys have a great deal of experience buying and selling assets from and on behalf of trustees in bankruptcy, including the creation of bid procedures and data rooms. We understand how to value assets and market them so as to obtain the highest possible price within a trustee's constraints. In addition, we know how to obtain approval of debtor-in-possession financing, approval of use of cash collateral, and sales under Section 363 of the Code. Our attorneys litigate for and against trustees on a regular basis in preference, fraudulent transfer, avoidance, and officer and director fiduciary litigation, as well as regarding equitable subordination and substantive consolidation issues.