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Thompson & Knight attorneys counsel clients on a variety of issues concerning all types of copyrighted materials. We monitor copyright developments worldwide, counsel clients on compliance, and assist with business transactions and all manner of disputes involving copyrightable materials. The Internet, electronic mail, and cyberspace pose new and unusual legal issues, and our attorneys have accordingly developed innovative business solutions for clients in electronic contracting and publishing, cyberspace copyright and trademark protection, encryption and privacy issues, and the use and control of electronic mail.

We have substantial knowledge and experience in the computer software industry, having counseled several industry-leading companies on matters relating to the scope of copyright protection, research and development issues, ownership of copyrights, work for hire issues with employees and consultants, third party proposals of ideas or information, and related issues. Thompson & Knight was selected to represent one of the world's largest and most active software piracy policing organizations, which involves protecting the copyrights of a consortium that includes many of the nation's best known software companies.

Thompson & Knight's copyright litigators take an active role in counseling clients on copyright risks and rewards. We have represented clients in litigation involving databases, athletic apparel and footwear, books, films, trading cards, magazines, musical recordings, photographs, commercial illustrations, software, business training materials, jewelry, copyrighted store layouts, colors, websites, and other Internet applications, just to name a few.