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Thompson & Knight has a leading practice before the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) and years of experience dealing with utilities and representing landowners in transmission line routing cases. If you have received a notice from an electric utility seeking a certificate of convenience and necessity (CCN) to construct an electric transmission line on your property, the attorneys at Thompson & Knight can help you protect your interests.

What is an Electric Transmission Line Routing (CCN) Case Proceeding?

When a utility needs to build a new transmission line, Texas law requires the PUC to approve the location for the line through a contested case, which includes an evidentiary hearing. The PUC will ultimately grant a “CCN” to the utility and order that the transmission line be built in a specific place.  The utility is required to file a reasonable number of distinct route options for the PUC to consider. Landowners that would be impacted by any of the proposed route options are given written notice by the utility and have the opportunity to influence the route that is ultimately approved by participating in the case.

What is Required to Participate in a CCN Case?

Landowners participating in a routing case are expected to submit written testimony, participate in a hearing, cross-examine witnesses, and submit briefs summarizing the evidence and supporting their position. There are many procedural requirements that must be followed, and having an attorney assist you with this process can give you a significant advantage.

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