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Thompson & Knight attorneys serve insurance industry clients by combining our superior litigation skills with decades of experience working on administrative and regulatory insurance matters. We are counsel for some of the largest insurance companies in the U.S. Our attorneys not only represent many U.S.-based insurance companies and agencies but a number of insurers based in other countries, including Mexican and Canadian insurers and bonding company affiliates doing business in the U.S. We have helped foreign insurers to create Texas subsidiaries and foreign reinsurers to arbitrate reinsurance treaty disputes.

Our attorneys represent commercial insurance, long-term care insurance, and reinsurance companies in corporate and regulatory matters, transactional work (including public and private equity investments), coverage and claims disputes and litigation, strategic planning, acquisitions, divestitures, employment, employee benefits, and executive compensation.

Our attorneys have counseled clients on practically every aspect of insurance law involving agent misrepresentation, claims handling and evaluation, coverage analysis, Stowers demands, insurance programs, and compliance with common law and statutory duties. Our coverage dispute advice is founded on our comprehensive knowledge of insurance law.

We give clients the prompt, accurate coverage advice they need to handle claims and assess risk and answer questions about claim notification, potential coverage gaps, insurers' and policyholders' rights and duties, and other coverage issues. Our attorneys have written hundreds of coverage opinions, using an extensive coverage opinion database for standard and manuscript policies and doing specialized research when needed.