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Anthony J. Campiti
Stephen F. Fink
Senior Counsel
Timothy R. McCormick
Of Counsel
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We plan, conduct or oversee, and, if necessary, defend internal investigations for employers of complaints or reports made by employees. Most often we have been engaged in response to claims of harassment because of sex or other legally protected characteristics. But we also have investigated many other issues, including prohibited discrimination not involving harassment; whistleblowing or complaints of retaliation against legally protected conduct; allegations of failure to pay minimum wages or overtime compensation; asserted breaches of ethical or professional obligations; and suspected violations of employer-imposed rules and standards, for example. Our investigations are conducted efficiently and confidentially, minimizing legal risks of the investigation process itself. We provide timely, reliable, and credible factual findings along with separate practical, objective, and succinct legal advice for the employer's consideration and action.
We also work with and advise our fellow Thompson & Knight lawyers on the nearly inevitable employment-related fall-out from their internal investigation of issues such as bribery and corruption, Foreign Corrupt Practice Act Violations, securities or tax fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty, and the like.