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For decades, Thompson & Knight has advised interstate and intrastate pipeline companies with mid‑continent, offshore Gulf Coast, and international operations on day-to-day operations and such business problems as crude oil, natural gas, liquids, gas marketing, and other contracts.

Our attorneys help oil and gas companies negotiate natural gas and natural gas liquids processing contracts, and other general transactions.  For example, we have helped several companies restructure gas plant joint venture agreements to make them more competitive in today’s environment.

In addition, we have substantial experience representing gas plant owners in product sales agreements, tolling agreements, marketing and plant construction joint ventures, construction, equipment and procurement contracts, inter-site utilities and services agreements, project finance, and synthetic leasing for new plant construction.

Our advice related to midstream matters includes the following: 

  • We represent midstream companies in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and debt consolidations.
  • We assist in the formation of joint ventures for the development, construction, acquisition, and operation of pipelines and processing and treatment plants.
  • We advise on the acquisition and sale of pipeline systems and processing and treatment plants, including acquisition by condemnation.
  • We advise on projects involving gas plants, including acquisitions and redrafting operating and gas acquisition agreements to make mature plants more efficient and profitable.
  • We advise clients concerning the rules and regulations of the Texas Railroad Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that relate to gas and oil pipelines.
  • We advise on public and private equity and debt financings.
  • We advise on interconnect, exchange, and terminal agreements for the processing, gathering, and transportation of natural gas and petroleum products by pipeline, truck, train, and barge.
  • We advise on negotiations and disputes involving minimum payment contracts.
  • We advise on the construction and operation of jointly owned pipelines.
  • We advise on the creation, operation, and sale of intrastate gathering systems.
  • We help draft and restructure ownership and operation agreements of gas plants, related pipelines, and storage fields for natural gas.