T&K Compliance Lunch Series - Contracting Out Work: Balancing Risks and Responsibilities


October 22, 2015
11:45 AM — 1:15 AM CST

Thompson & Knight
1722 Routh Street, 15th Floor
Dallas, Texas 75201

Thompson & Knight
333 Clay Street, 33rd Floor
Houston, Texas 77002

Companies in the energy, manufacturing, transportation, and chemical industries often rely heavily on independent contractors to perform operational tasks. This presentation addresses the legal issues that can arise from such relationships and the steps that can be taken to manage risks associated with contractors’ actions, including: 

  • how regulatory responsibility for the actions of contractors is apportioned under environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations;
  • how legal responsibility is allocated between contractors and hiring parties in private lawsuits;
  • the distinction between the employee and independent contractor relationship;
  • steps to reduce risks when hiring and managing contractors;
  • defenses to claims by employees of independent contractors; and
  • regulatory and litigation response strategies when an incident is caused by a contractor.