Hacking Watches, Cars, and Clouds: McAfee Releases 2016 Threat Predictions Report

Posted by Craig CarpenterRecently, network security technology provider McAfee (a part of Intel Security) released its 2016 Threat Predictions Report. The report contains insights and analysis from security industry professionals and provides predictions from McAfee regarding the attack trends for the next year.In the report, McAfee predicts the most significant developments in the threat landscape in 2016. McAfee’s predictions are based on the trends that the security technology provider sees in technology, enterprise security, and hacking. McAfee’s predictions for 2016 include:-          An increase in the frequency and sophistication of integrity attacks, in which hackers make minor, selective configuration changes in systems and data to achieve their goals rather than utilizing the smash-and-grab approach;-          Hackers beginning to target connected vehicles and wearables (such as the Apple Watch);-          The proliferation of ransomware at an accelerated pace;-          Increased attention from hackers to the data stored on cloud service platforms; and-          An increase in the number of targeted attacks to companies originating through employee devices outside the protected network, such as smart phones, tablets, home computers and laptops connecting through public wifi networks.The report is a salient reminder that data security is not a static practice—the threat landscape is constantly evolving and innovating, which means that enterprise data security practices must do so as well. Cyber preparedness requires awareness, vigilance, and commitment. Companies must stay abreast of the changes in the threat landscape, and respond appropriately, to avoid becoming an easy target.For more information and to read all of the predictions, visit http://www.mcafee.com/us/resources/reports/rp-threats-predictions-2016.pdf to download the report.