“Tips to Succeed as a Young Lawyer”

On February 29, Mark M. Sloan, Thompson & Knight’s Managing Partner and a graduate of SMU Law School, joined other SMU Law alums for a panel discussion with 1Ls about how to be a successful lawyer. The panel provided tips to the students as they begin their journey through law school.

Thompson & Knight recently announced the expansion of its Summer Associate Program to include 1L law students, in addition to 2L law students. The expanded Summer Associate Program offers 1L law students the opportunity to clerk in the Firm’s Dallas and Houston offices for six weeks. Clerkships are first-half only and begin on May 16. The new 1L program, like the 2L program, provides a mix of work assignments and social engagements that afford an excellent opportunity for students to further their legal education by participating in a law firm environment and becoming fully acquainted with Thompson & Knight. For more information, visit www.tklaw.com/careers/lawstudents.