RRC Approves Revisions to Pipeline Permit Forms

       At its open meeting on February 24, 2015, the Railroad Commission approved revisions to its Form T-4 (Application for Permit to Operate a Pipeline in Texas), Form T-4A (Permit to Operate a Pipeline in Texas) and Form T-4B (Pipeline Transfer Certification).  The revised forms are now consistent with the Commission’s recently adopted amendments to Statewide Rule 70 governing pipeline permitting.  Form T-4 will now require the following information to be submitted by the applicant:Contact information for an individual who can respond to questions regarding construction, operation, or maintenance of the pipeline;The requested classification and purpose of the pipeline as a common carrier, gas utility or private line;A sworn statement from the applicant providing the factual basis for that classification, and purpose being sought for the pipeline, including, if applicable, acknowledgement of Texas’s eminent domain laws and the Texas Landowner’s Bill of Rights; andDocumentation to support the classification and purpose of the pipeline along with any additional information requested by the Commission.No substantive changes were made to Forms T-4A and T-4B, and since Form T-4 also covers renewals, the Commission eliminated Form T-4C (Pipeline and Gathering System Certification and Renewal Form) entirely.  These new permitting forms will become effective March 1, 2015.Gaye White, Thompson & Knight LLP