Texas Supreme Court Opinion and Orders - 8/28/15

Posted by Rich PhillipsIn its weekly orders this morning, the Texas Supreme Court issued one per curiam opinion. The court did not grant any new cases. The per curiam opinion was issued in No. 13-0814, Dallas National Insurance Company v. De La Cruz. This is a workers’ compensation case in which the worker argued that she was entitled to lifetime income benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act because she had suffered “total loss of use” of her feet as a result of a back injury. Applying prior cases regarding the meaning of “total loss of use,” the Court held that there was no evidence that the loss of use of her feet was the result of “damage or harm to the physical structure” of her feet, rather than the result of the injury to her back.Although it has been a quiet summer, we expect next week’s order list to be a little more newsworthy because the Court has conference scheduled for yesterday and today.