Texas Supreme Court Opinions and Orders — 4/27/18

Posted by Rich PhillipsThis morning, the Supreme Court of Texas issued 10 opinions. Nine were in argued cases and one was a per curiam opinion. The Court continues to make progress toward deciding all of the argued cases this term. There are now 30 argued cases that have not been decided. Not surprisingly, the bulk of those (20) are from the February and March argument sittings. The Court has 1 remaining case from the October sitting, 1 from November, 3 from December, and 5 from January.Given the volume of opinions, I will post full summaries next week. Some of the issues decided this week are:How to apply the commercial-speech exception in the Texas Citizens Participation Act (Castleman v. Internet Money, Ltd.)The Texas Citizens Participation Act applies to a claim based on a Rule 11 agreement recited in open court (Youngkin v. Hines)Texas does recognize the sham-affidavit doctrine (Lujan v. Navistar, Inc.)A hospital’s negotiated reimbursement rates with private insurers are relevant and discoverable in a dispute about reasonableness of charges to an uninsured patient (In re North Cypress Medical Center Operating Co., Ltd.)Application of the Duhig rule (Perryman v. Spartan Texas Six Capital Partners, Ltd.)The Court did not grant any new petitions for review. Access the complete list here.