Texas Supreme Court Orders - 8/26/16

Posted by Rich PhillipsThis week, the Supreme Court of Texas is holding its end-of-summer conference. While most conferences during the year are scheduled for a single day, this conference was scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The Court will be considering cases in which it has requested a response to the petition for review or briefs on the merits. This morning’s order list doesn’t appear to include any results from this conference. As with the last several weeks, it is fairly quiet and largely consists of denials of petitions in which the Court did not ask for a response. View the complete order list here.Given the length of this week’s conference, we can expect next week’s order list to be a big one. There will likely be a number of petitions granted. There may even be a few per curiam opinions. So, buckle up, the Texas Supreme Court’s next term is about to get rolling.