Texas Supreme Court Orders - 9/18/15

Posted by Rich PhillipsThis morning, the Supreme Court of Texas issued two per curiam opinions. There are no grants. Access the complete order list here.The two per curiam opinions are:No. 15-0582, Office of the Attorney General v. Weatherspoon – In this case under Whistleblower Act, the Court reverses the court of appeals’ decision in light of the Supreme Court’s decision in Texas Department of Human Services v. Okoli, 440 S.W.3d 611 (Tex. 2014). In Okoli, the Court held that the Whistleblower Act does not protect reports to supervisors who have only internal compliance power. The court of appeals’ decision in Weatherspoon was issued before Okoli. Read the opinion here.No. 15-0037, Lawson v. City of Diboll – This is a premises-defect case that presents the issue of whether the recreational use statute applies to the plaintiff’s claim that she was injured when she tripped and fell while exiting a softball complex. The Court reverses and remands for further consideration in light of the Court’s decision in University of Texas at Arlington v. Williams, 459 S.W.3d 48 (Tex. 2015). Read the opinion here.Next week, the Court will hear argument on Tuesday and Wednesday. I will have preview posts on Monday and Tuesday. (The Court’s calendar shows arguments scheduled for Thursday, but there are no cases set for argument that day.)