Texas Supreme Court Orders - 9/22/17

Posted by Rich PhillipsIn its weekly order list posted this morning, the Supreme Court of Texas disposed of several (12) pending motions for rehearing of cases decided last term. The Court also granted five petitions for review and set argument in a petition for writ of mandamus. Some of the issues in these cases include: whether deed restrictions bar Airbnb-style rentals, whether a charter schools can be sued under the Whistleblower Act, and whether the state-resident exception in the forum non conveniens statute applies when the representative of the estate is a Texas resident but the decedent was not.The Court has set these new cases for argument, and has started filling up its early February argument calendar. Right now, the last set of arguments for the term is scheduled for February 27-28 and March 1. At this rate, the Court may have its argument calendar full for the term before Thanksgiving. Last term, the Court added some argument dates in late March, so it may be interesting to see if they end up doing something similar this term.