Texas Supreme Court weekly orders (2/27/15)

   Posted by Scott Stolley, Thompson & Knight In its weekly orders, the Texas Supreme Court issued two opinions and did not grant any cases for review. Click here to read the order list and to access the two opinions. The two opinions are as follows:No. 13-0484, American Star Energy & Minerals Corp. v. Stowers — This case involves the statute of limitations for a claim that individual partners must satisfy an unpaid contract debt of the partnership.  Under the partnership statute, the plaintiff cannot obtain satisfaction from individual partners until after: (1) obtaining a final judgment against the partnership; and (2) being unsuccessful in obtaining satisfaction from the partnership for 90 days following entry of the judgment. The Court held that the limitations period against an individual partner generally does not begin to run until the 90-day satisfaction period has expired.No. 14-0256, In re Crawford & Co. — In this worker’s compensation dispute, the injured worker sued the claims adjuster for misrepresentations during the handling of his claim. The Court held that the worker’s compensation statute gives the Division of Workers’ Compensation exclusive jurisdiction over this suit.