Adrienne Dominguez Quoted in The Dallas Morning News on Dallas Hispanic Law Foundation Award

“Dallas Hispanic Law Foundation earns State Bar honor for its work with aspiring lawyers”

The rising cost of law school tuition can often put the dream of being a lawyer out of reach for Latinos, many of whom come from low-income families and struggle to even go to college.

It’s one reason the Dallas Hispanic Law Foundation has brought peace of mind to many young Latinos aspiring, perhaps, to be the country’s chief law enforcement officer or chief justice someday. Or maybe simply have their own law firm and help other Latinos maneuver their way through our legal system.

“I have been particularly impressed by the caliber of the applicants for our program, many of whom have overcome challenging personal and financial circumstances to get to law school,” said Adrienne Domínguez, foundation president.

“We know finances can be a stumbling block, and the fact that the percentage of Hispanic lawyers is so low is also a barrier. Hispanic kids don’t see lawyers among the adults in their life and may not think they can become an attorney.”