Alejandro Sánchez Mujica Quoted in El Heraldo de Mexico on Assessing the Option of Commercial Bankruptcy to Move Companies Forward

“They see option in commercial bankruptcy to move companies forward”

Entrepreneurs in Mexico should assess the option of commercial bankruptcy to move companies forward, if their finances were damaged by the effects of the pandemic, highlighted the US law firm Thompson & Knight.

In an interview with El Heraldo de Mexico, A lejandro Sanchez Mujica, regretted that the country this business resource is stigmatized and has placed more like a step to the closure of companies and liquidations.

“We should not demonize this option, as it can improve the options that the company has, firstly because the process of lawsuits in execution against the companies stops and this can give them a break to continue operating,” said the expert who led the entire restructuring process of Vitro.