Robert Ray Quoted in on Attorney General and President Relationships

“Sessions Not First Attorney General to Rankle a President”

In late February of 2016, just days before the crucial Super Tuesday primary contests that would narrow the field of Republican presidential hopefuls, Jeff Sessions put on a red Make America Great Again hat and gave his seal of approval to Donald Trump.
“This isn’t a campaign — this is a movement,” he said on stage at a rally in his home state of Alabama to a crowd of roughly 25,000. Trump grasped the significance of securing his first endorsement from a U.S. senator, and thus credibility on behalf of a conservative base.

Reno and Clinton demonstrate that “just because the relationship is fraught with difficulty, it doesn’t mean an attorney general cannot continue to serve,” said Robert Ray, who took over for Starr’s investigation during the Clinton administration.

Trust between a president and his attorney general has long been key, said Ray. “Ordinarily the drill is you pick an attorney carefully because he or she exercises a fair amount of power and discretion, particularly the ability to investigate your own administration.”