David Rusk Featured in Texas Lawyer as a Top Scorer on Bar Exam

“Advice From Top Texas Bar Exam Scorers” ; November 17, 2014

Texas Lawyer asked the top three scorers on the July bar exam the question “What advice would you give to law graduates who are still preparing to take their bar exams?”

Here are the three May 2014 law graduates’ answers, edited for style and length. The Texas bar exam’s maximum score is 1,000. Test takers must score at least 675 to pass.

Score: 857
David Rusk
University of Houston Law Center
Associate, Thompson & Knight, Houston

“The bar is probably the single most important test you’ll take, so take bar review seriously. Keep up with the assignments, go to the classes (or at least watch them online), take notes, do as many practice problems as you can. Perhaps most importantly, find someone that you enjoy studying with and make sure to keep each other on track.”