Debbie Alsup Quoted in Law360 on Michelin Case

“Michelin Doesn’t Have To Open Up Plant In Texas Injury Suit”

A Texas appeals court on Tuesday found that the family of two boys injured in a car accident allegedly caused by a defective Michelin tire should not be allowed to inspect the facility where the tire was produced because the plant’s current manufacturing processes are different from those used when the tire was made.

“Michelin’s tires are consistently rated as some of the best tires in the industry,” said outside counsel for the tire manufacturer, Debora Alsup of Thompson & Knight LLP. “Michelin is diligent about protecting its trade secret manufacturing plants and processes, and opposes any requested inspection by opposing counsel or their tire experts. The Houston Court of Appeals decided this mandamus just two weeks after oral argument, which sends a strong message that entry into Michelin’s plants, and any videotaping of its processes, is beyond the permissible bounds of discovery.”