Elizabeth Myers Quoted in The Austin Chronicle on Sexual Assault Class Action Suit

“Sexual Assault Class Action Suit Adds Five New Plaintiffs”

Five new plaintiffs have been added to a sexual assault federal class action suit against the city of Austin, Travis County, and local law enforcement. The more robust complaint, which now details eight women’s accounts of sexual assault and the subsequent abandonment of their cases by local law enforcement, was filed Wednesday afternoon.

Elizabeth Myers, one of several lawyers representing the plaintiffs, said more than 40 women have reached out since the complaint was filed on June 18. The suit alleges that systemic failures within law enforcement have led to discrimination and mistreatment of women rape survivors in Travis County.

The new accounts illustrate a “far-reaching, systemic problem that needs to be fixed” by the defendants, said Myers, who noted that while each woman’s story is different – one was kidnapped and repeatedly raped for 12 hours by three men; another was violently raped by her boyfriend while her child was in the house; a third, assaulted by a nurse during a routine medical exam; a fourth, drugged, raped, and left on train tracks; and the fifth, sexually assaulted by another patient at Austin State Hospital – the common thread is their interaction with the system meant to protect them.