Emily Parker Quoted in Law360 on the Health of Texas Firms

“Texas Firms Branch Out While Doubling Down At Home”

Bolstered by a strong statewide economy and a thriving legal market, Texas is home to nearly two dozen firms on the Law360 400, and even as those firms expand nationally and internationally, they continue to find great value in their Texas roots.

Home to 52 Fortune 500 companies and a diverse economy that would rank 12th in the world if the Texas were a country, according to the state comptroller, Texas is thriving, and Texas law firms are benefiting from the success of their clients.

The Texas firms on the Law360 400 represent a diverse mix of BigLaw, regional power players and elite boutiques that specialize in litigation, intellectual property and energy. They’ve largely kept their partner ranks intact despite intense competition in the lateral hiring market from a growing number of law firms that want a piece of the Texas action.

“It’s not surprising that law firms are looking to the Texas market, considering the dramatic economic growth in Texas over the last 10 years, especially if you compare it to other markets that have either not grown or stagnated over the same period,” Thompson & Knight LLP managing partner Emily Parker said. “We have gotten past the era when everyone just flew over from New York to LA and ignored the middle of the country, including Texas.”