Jennifer Ecklund Quoted in Ms. Magazine on Sexual Assault Class Action Suit

“Three Survivors are Suing the State of Texas for Mishandling Rape Cases”

After Amy Smith was kidnapped off the streets of Austin and repeatedly raped by her captors, she did everything “right.” She immediately reported her rape to the police. She acquired and completed a rape kit and repeatedly checked in on its status. She pleaded with authorities to move forward with the case.

But that would never happen. Smith’s case was dismissed without her knowledge, and her rapist went on to assault at least two other women. Now, 10 years later, she’s taking action and suing the state.

“To have the opportunity to stand up for these plaintiffs-and all women of Austin-and to advocate for their equality and their humanity, and to seek justice for them, is an honor,” Jennifer Ecklund, lead attorney for the plaintiffs, said in an email to Ms. “On an even more personal note, the reality is that if nothing changes, one day I will need to tell my daughters that law enforcement does not protect women who are sexually assaulted, and that their attackers rarely, if ever, are held accountable. That is simply not tolerable. Things have to change.”