Jenny Ecklund Quoted in Bloomberg Big Law Business on Women Climbing the Law Ladder

“5 Women on How to Climb the Big Law Ladder”

It’s no secret that it’s hard for the women striving for the highest ranks of Big Law. While women represent just under 50 percent of law school graduates, they only make up 24 percent of Fortune 500 general counsel and 18 percent of equity partners in general practice, according to a May 2016 American Bar Association report.

“Humor works”

Jenny Ecklund, a healthcare litigator in the Dallas office of Thompson & Knight, gets by with her sense of humor.

“If I hear a comment that comes off as sexist, I’ll flip it on its head and serve it back that way, so the person who stated it hears how it sounds,” she said.

For example, if a colleague comments on how well a woman in the office is doing her job despite having two young children at home, Ecklund will light-heartedly make a similar comment about a man.

“Humor works for me because it helps me to be more objective about it instead of being mired in my frustrations,” Ecklund explained.