Jim Harris Quoted in The Dallas Morning News on Plastic Bag Repeal

“Dallas council throws out bag fee with uncharacteristic melodrama”

Starting Monday, Dallas grocery stores and other businesses will be able to offer their customers free plastic bags again. The City Council on Wednesday voted 10-4 to repeal a 5-cent bag fee.

Dwaine Caraway, the council’s biggest foe of litter, sought to replace the fee with an outright ban on carry-out plastic bags. He brought his own props: a fake tree and a small barbed-wire fence, both covered in bags.

But the antics failed to sway a majority of his colleagues, and the move to outlaw plastic bags failed 9-6.

Jim Harris, an attorney for the bag manufacturers, said their suit would go away now that the fee has been repealed.

“We’ll dismiss the lawsuit, and we don’t see any point in trying to recover costs or attorneys’ fees, especially since the council acted so promptly,” he said.