Jolisa Dobbs Featured in Texas Lawyer on Top Women in Energy

“2016 Top Women in Energy “

Jolisa Melton Dobbs
partner, Thompson & Knight, Dallas

Please write a brief summary of your career/background.
My interest in accounting and law ignited in the sixth grade. I followed that path. Upon earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting from the University of Oklahoma, I jumped into the workforce as an internal auditor for Exxon (focusing on domestic refining operations). With some experience under my belt, I returned to law school at the University of Oklahoma with a continued energy focus. The analytical skills I utilized as an auditor enhance my ability to deliver results in the complex transactions I face on a daily basis.

What is one word people use to describe you?

If you weren’t a lawyer, you would be…
Quantum/nuclear physicist. Strange, right?!? The movie Tron inspired me as a child. I was determined to invent a teleportation device and pursued anything involving lasers. The work I showcased in my high school science fair earned my spot as Oklahoma’s representative for a summer internship at the FermiLab (a proton acceleration lab). It was a fun summer, but I decided to pursue accounting. My love for science remains, but now I live vicariously through my three sons.