Katie Coleman Quoted in Platts Megawatt Daily on ERCOT Reforms

“Texas PUC member ‘open-minded’ on reforms”

Public Utility Commission of Texas member Brandy Marty Marquez remains “open-minded” about Electricity Reliability Council of Texas market reforms proposed in May by NRG Energy and Calpine, but she said “it’s hard to argue” with the market’s success for the state as a whole.

Regarding including marginal line losses in dispatch, panelist Katie Coleman, a partner in the Thompson & Knight law that represents the Texas Industrial Energy Consumers trade group, said Texas has “socialized” transmission costs so that loads pay for the service on a load-ratio-share basis, and “that was by design,” Coleman said.

Including marginal losses in the calculation of which generators are dispatched to serve load “is going to have the effect to penalize certain areas of the state,” Coleman said.