Katie Coleman Quoted in RTO Insider on Energy Emergency Alerts

“ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee Briefs: July 27, 2017”

EEA Price Adder Change Tabled

The TAC also tabled for another meeting the only revision request that required significant discussion.

The Texas Industrial Energy Consumers has opposed NPRR768 throughout the stakeholder process. The NPRR would revise the categories of ERCOT-initiated actions, such as energy emergency alerts (EEAs), that trigger a real-time deployment adder so that prices reflect current system conditions.

“What ERCOT is really doing [when it calls DC tie imports] is replicating what a good market outcome would be,” said the TIEC’s legal counsel, Katie Coleman. “I know EEAs don’t happen often, but when they do, this could keep prices at the cap for significantly longer than they would be otherwise, and this is real money for my members.”

Referencing ERCOT’s systemwide offer cap of $9,000/MWh, Coleman said, “When you have an EEA in ERCOT and prices are at $9,000, everybody has every incentive to sell power into the ERCOT market.”

In her opening statement, Coleman also said the TIEC is concerned NPRR768 would apply to the Southern Cross Project, a proposed HVDC transmission project that would transport more than 2 GW of electricity from Texas to Southeast markets.