Katie Coleman Quoted in RTO Insider on ERCOT Technical Advisory Committee Briefs

“Pricing Change on RMR Units Rejected, Appealed to ERCOT Board”

ERCOT’s Technical Advisory Committee last week rejected a request to allow economic dispatch of reliability-must-run (RMR) units over the objections of the ISO’s Independent Market Monitor and several of its Houston-area market participants.

Katie Coleman, with the Texas Industrial Energy Consumers group, represented the PRS position, arguing NRG’s proposal is punitive to loads, encourages unit retirements by providing scarcity pricing in non-scarcity conditions and prevents the RMR unit from solving other constraints beyond a single transmission line.

“We have concerns about requiring loads to also pay $600-800/MWh to use that unit for the very purpose it was placed under an RMR contract,” she said. “We have concerns about the incentive this creates for a generating company with a fleet of units in a certain area to retire units and get high pricing for its other units. [NPRR784] would require Greens Bayou to be priced at the highest possible price to solve, which would preclude it from solving other constraints in area.”