Kelly Morgan Quoted in American Lawyer on Law Firm Mental Health Programs Amid Covid-19

“Amid the Pandemic, These Law Firms Are Sticking With Their Mental Health Programs”

Like nearly everything else, law firm mental health programming has gone remote.

The global coronavirus pandemic is defined, at least in part, by the subsequent shift to remote work as social distancing laws close physical spaces in an attempt to instill social distancing rules.

…Thompson & Knight has formed a similar group. Around 45 attorneys gather weekly and, as chief talent officer Kelly Morgan said, the meetings have been cathartic for many.

“There has been a lot of laughter, some tears. It’s hard,” Morgan said. “There’s a lot of pressure from work, but also from teaching [their kids]. Now you’re looking forward to summer and letting your kids down again because so many things have been canceled.”

Staying connected is perhaps the most important aspect of maintaining mental health in the pandemic, Morgan said. For Lawyer Well Being Week, which ran May 4 to May 8, Thompson & Knight put together thematic days.

Monday was physical day for example: A firm administrative professional who is a certified fitness and yoga instructor led a video session. Thursday was social well-being, so firm management put together a dancing playlist of their favorite songs, including artists ranging from The Beatles to The Weeknd.

Much of the programming, while focused on mental health, is more broadly an effort to keep attorneys and staff connected amid social distancing.

“Being around each other is really important to who we are,” Morgan said. “Not having that connection is our biggest challenge.”