Louis Jenull Quoted in Law360 on Top Federal Tax Policies of 2020 Midyear Report

“Top Federal Tax Policies Of 2020: Midyear Report”

As in other areas, so far this year the biggest news in federal tax policy relates to the COVID-19 pandemic, with Congress passing economic relief laws and the IRS issuing key regulations despite its limited operations due to the virus.

…Louis Jenull of Thompson & Knight LLP said the investors were eagerly awaiting the guidance.

“Among the things I view as particularly helpful are the guidance on the length of the recapture period, as it helps parties to evaluate the risks on this important issue, and the details on transfers of credits that [help] provide flexibility to structuring deals,” Jenull said. “Anything that helps to define the risks and provide flexibility should help investors get more comfortable with this program and potentially get this market moving.”