Mackenzie Wallace Featured in Super Lawyers on Being a Part of a Family of Lawyers

“Welcome to the Town of Trial”

Among the five lawyers who make up the lawyering branch of the Simpson family tree-Mike; his three daughters, Michelle, Mackenzie and Maryssa;and his son-in-law, Andrew-you won’t find the same practice area twice. Ranging from criminal defense to civil litigation to insurance defense, the five of them, says Michelle Simpson Tuegel, “could form a super firm.”

As it turns out, lawyering wasn’t the family biz till Mike Simpson’s generation.

Middle daughter Mackenzie S. Wallace even took to carrying a briefcase around the house and wrote in her third-grade diary that she wanted to be a lawyer. “I was playing lawyer and making Maryssa be my client,” says Mackenzie, now a business litigator. “I don’t think any of us grew up knowing, really, that we were little girls. Dad treated us outside of gender norms. We were challenged to crash through the glass ceiling.”