Mario Barrera Quoted in Reforma on Tax Changes for 2021

“Come delay in tax refund for 2021”

For 2021, the Tax Administration Service (SAT) will have 10 additional days to make a tax refund, which will further delay said procedure, said Juan Carlos Roa Jacobo, Magistrate of the Court Federal Tax and Administrative Justice (TFJFA).

These adjustments in the days are part of the changes in the 2021 Miscellaneous VAT Law, which was subsequently added to what was presented by the Executive. 

…For his part, Mario Barrera, a Thompson & Knight prosecutor, stated that the tax changes for 2021 go in the opposite direction to the need to expedite returns.

“VAT refunds are delayed as much as possible through information requirements, often excessive. I am very concerned that this reform is intended to still provide more tools to continue with these delays,” he said.