Marion Bachrach Quoted in Law360 on 2nd Circuit Win

“2nd Circ. Renews Forfeiture Challenge In $21M Fraud Case”

The Second Circuit ordered a New York federal court Monday to consider allowing payment of legal fees from a bank account that had been seized by federal prosecutors, saying the billing law firm could have been unaware that an account connected to its client’s conviction in a $21 million bank fraud was eligible for seizure.

The case now goes back to the district court for the ancillary hearing.

“We fought for this for a long time, and now I’m delighted that one outcome of the fight is that the Second Circuit has reaffirmed the importance of Monsanto,” Marion Bachrach of Thompson & Knight LLP, an attorney for Watts, told Law360 on Monday.

Watts is represented by Ronald DePetris of DePetris & Bachrach LLP, and Marion Bachrach of Thompson & Knight LLP.