Mark Sloan Quoted in American Lawyer on How Law Firms Respond to Stress Outside of the Workplace

“When Stress Comes from Outside the Workplace, How Do Law Firms Respond?”

Practicing law can lead to extreme stress, contributing to high rates of depression and addiction in the profession. But what about when the stress comes from traumatic situations outside the workplace?

…Mark Sloan, managing partner of Dallas-based Thompson & Knight, said that because of the firm’s size—it had 282 lawyers in 2018—everyone knows most everyone else. And that can help in addressing the traumas that happen outside work.

“When somebody really has a personal tragedy or something going on in their life, we tend to know about it. We go talk to them and encourage them to take the time they need. It’s nothing more formalized than that,” he said, adding that the firm does have specific procedures for dealing with substance abuse and other sensitive issues.