Mark Sloan Quoted in Texas Lawyer on COVID-19 and Office Reopening Plans

“Watching COVID-19 Cases Spike, Texas Firms Rethink Reopening Plans”

With COVID-19 cases spiking in Texas, prompting Gov. Greg Abbott to pause the state’s reopening progress, leaders of firms in the Lone Star state are carefully eyeing the spread of the coronavirus, and some are thinking about scaling back their office reopening.

…Thompson & Knight approached reopening very deliberately, managing partner Mark Sloan said, adding that the firm’s offices in Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth have only been open on a limited basis for the last three weeks. He said they have not yet reached 25% capacity in any of them.

“Lawyers can come in for urgent client business that they need to be in  the office to get it done, for instance, a deposition,” said Sloan, who noted that he’s only been in the office once since remote work began in March.

The limited reopening has been working well, and Sloan said he doesn’t expect the firm to make changes anytime soon, even as he’s watching Texas’ rising number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.

“Unless the governor would come in an issue a new stay-home order—which frankly I don’t see that happening—I don’t see us closing down our offices,” he said.