Melissa Davis Mentioned in Texas Lawyer on Westfall / Luna Case

“Texas Lawyer Beats Police at Fifth Circuit After Her Alleged False Arrest”

It was 2 a.m. on a cold winter’s night in 2014 when police officers arrived at Connie Westfall’s upscale Southlake home to investigate an allegation that her 15-year-old son was trespassing at a neighbor’s house.

It should have been a simple inquiry over a minor incident. But the police encounter with Westfall, a partner and environmental lawyer with Clark Hill, escalated quickly.

According to her civil suit, as one police officer entered the Westfall’s home, another officer body-slammed her to the ground on her brick patio, causing a serious back injury. Police placed Westfall under arrest and waited 30 minutes before calling for an ambulance, and she spent the rest of the night in the Southlake jail, after being released from the hospital, for interfering with police duties, she claims.

…She started briefing the sealing issue in the case, and later hired Melissa Davis, a board-certified appellate lawyer and partner in Thompson & Knight, to brief the Fourth Amendment issues in the case. They both filed separate appeals at the Fifth Circuit, which were later consolidated.