Micah Prude Quoted in MainStreet.com on DOL Increased Scrutiny

“Labor Department to Increasingly Scrutinize Employers in 2015”

The Department of Labor (DOL) will increasingly scrutinize employers based on working conditions and the types of staff they hire.

“For employers who have properly classified their workforce, complied with all applicable wage-and-hour laws but who nevertheless find themselves the subject of a DOL inquiry, these evaluations can be costly both from a monetary and manpower perspective,” said Micah Prude, attorney with Thompson & Knight in Dallas.

Companies can ensure compliance with an unexpected DOL wage-and-hour investigation by ensuring that all time and payroll records and I-9 forms are organized and updated.

“They should confirm that all nonexempt employees are accurately recording hours and that exempt employees actually meet the legal criteria,” Prude told MainStreet.