Nick McTyre Quoted in Law360 on Trump’s Steel Tariffs

“Trump’s Steel Tariffs May Worsen Permian Pipeline Crunch”

President Donald Trump’s decision to move ahead with sweeping steel tariffs could further tighten the current pipeline logjam in the oil-rich Permian Basin of West Texas, making it tougher for producers to get their oil and gas out of the ground and into the market, experts say.

…“You have a lot of planned pipeline projects in the formal planning stages, with some of the earlier projects whose in-service dates are 2019 at the earliest,” Austin, Texas-based Thompson & Knight LLP counsel Nicolas A. McTyre, who previously handled pipeline issues as a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission trial attorney, said. “To the extent that any of these projects are on the economic margin, the increased costs of the pipeline steel could be something that leads to the cancellation of a project going from the Permian to the Gulf Coast.”