Nicole Williams, Andrew Cookingham in The Dallas Morning News on Yelp Case

“Plano couple sued for $1M over one-star Yelp review asks judge to drop suit”

A Dallas pet-sitting company that drew national scrutiny after it sued a couple over a one-star Yelp review is now asking for up to $1 million in damages, upping its request because the owners have suffered a “dramatic decrease” in business and even received death threats.

“It’s interesting. The only real reason to do that is so they could up their damages award request, which they have,” said the couple’s attorney, Nicole Williams. “They’ve gone from [asking for] $6,700 to up to $1 million.”

But Williams, who represents the couple, along with Andrew Cookingham, said the lawsuit’s accusations have no merit because her clients have the right to free speech.

“People shouldn’t be stopped from speaking truthfully about things that are of concern to the public,” she said.