Phillip Oldham Quoted in Houston Public Media on Houston Import Project

“Will Big, New Power Line Make Electricity Cheaper in Houston?” ; November 10, 2014

Electricity costs 10 percent more in Houston than in Dallas as calculated with data from the Texas Public Utility Commission. According to the offers listed on the commission’s “September Bill Comparison”, the average of rates charged by 11 different marketers for residential customers in Houston was $162 for a monthly usage of 1500 kWh. For Dallas, the cost was $148.

Is the difference caused in part by an unfair marketplace that keeps electric generators in North Texas from “importing” power into Houston, which would provide competition for the big, longtime Houston-based generator NRG? That’s the issue now under debate as a 150-mile-long transmission line project has been proposed by the Houston Import Project.

Supporters of the project say the industrial and residential growth in Houston makes it must to prevent shortages of electricity in coming years.

“It is the largest manufacturing area in the country,” testified lawyer Phillip Oldham at a hearing last month before the Texas Public Utility Commission. “And it’s growing; I don’t think there’s any dispute about that.”