Rich Phillips Quoted in Law360 on Texas Supreme Court 2014 Term

“Texas High Court Stays Corporate-Friendly In 2014 Term” ; September 5, 2014

In its 2013-2014 term, the Texas Supreme Court issued rulings on minority shareholder claims, employment contracts and online defamation that appellate lawyers say will help Texas hold on to its reputation as a business-friendly state where contracts are upheld and the business judgment of corporations is respected.

In 83 opinions, the court’s ruling stretched across a wide array of subject areas and left undecided only four cases that have been argued, including a ruling on the hot-button topic of same-sex marriage. Appellate lawyers across Texas say their takeaways from the term are that the court continues to give corporations leeway to conduct their business and build up the state’s economy, while also delving into the nitty-gritty of trial and arbitration practice in opinions that give key practical guidance in how to litigate cases.