Richard Roper Quoted in New York Times on Judge O’Connor’s Recent Affordable Care Act Ruling

“In Weaponized Courts, Judge Who Halted Affordable Care Act Is a Conservative Favorite”

In the 11 years Judge Reed O’Connor has been on the federal bench, he has become a favorite of Republican leaders in Texas, reliably tossing out Democratic policies they have challenged.

…Richard B. Roper III, a Dallas-area lawyer, said Judge O’Connor’s high-profile rulings do not fully encapsulate his reputation on the bench as fair and evenhanded. Mr. Roper is a former United States attorney for the Northern District of Texas and was Judge O’Connor’s colleague and then boss in that office.

“Obviously, he’s conservative, but I don’t see him being just an ideologue for the Republicans,” Mr. Roper said. “He holds the government to very high standards. I don’t see him being aligned with either side.”

Mr. Roper, a friend of Judge O’Connor’s, said the judge had ruled against him a number of times in Northern District cases, and disputed the idea that partisanship had taken over the federal bench.