Richard Roper Quoted in The Dallas Morning News on Trump’s FBI Nominee

“Trump’s FBI pick is no lackey, say Dallas lawyers who worked with him”

Top Dallas lawyers who have worked with both President Trump’s pick to lead the FBI say Chris Wray is no less dogged than the director Trump fired, James Comey — though he lacks the showboat” streak that antagonized the president.

Said Richard Roper, the U.S. attorney in Dallas from 2004 to 2008, “He’s a really good choice.”

Roper also expects that Wray is braced to withstand any pressure from the White House or others.

“I wouldn’t imagine he would take the job if he weren’t up for the challenge,” Roper said. “He did a great job running the criminal division. He’ll be a good director…. He’s a really good choice.”

He called Wray “a little more low key than Comey” but said that shouldn’t lead anyone to believe he’s softer.