Richard Roper Quoted on Fox News on Lancaster Teen’s Murder Case

“Suspect in Lancaster Teen’s Murder Case Goes to Federal Court”

One of the suspects in a complex murder case of a North Texas teen at the center of an Amber Alert was in federal court on Tuesday.

Last summer, 13-year old Shavon Randle of Lancaster was kidnapped. Her body was later found in a vacant Oak Cliff home along with 19-year old Michael Titus.

…Former federal prosecutor Richard Roper is not involved in the case. He says it seems like authorities are in the posture of get a conviction however you can.

“I think it’s a classic example like going after Al Capone for tax charges instead of murder,” Roper said. “You take the most readily provable offense you can go after someone for. I think that’s just a classic example of that.”

Roper says Fields would face a minimum 10 years in prison if convicted of the federal charge.