Robert Ray Interviewed in The Hill on Comey Testimony

“Five things lawmakers want to know from Comey”

Former FBI Director James Comey is scheduled to testify this week before the Senate Intelligence Committee in a blockbuster open hearing that is sure to be a media circus.

The hearing is expected to center on the circumstances of Comey’s dismissal. The White House has given shifting explanations for his firing, while media reports and President Trump’s own statements have fueled suspicions that the decision was politically motivated.

That line of questioning could put Comey in a tight spot.

If he says he does believe the president was trying obstruct his investigation, it will raise questions about why he didn’t speak out at the time, said Bob Ray, a former federal prosecutor who was head of the Office of the Independent Counsel during the Whitewater investigation of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

“The reasonable retort to that is, if you really thought this was an effort to obstruct your investigation, why didn’t you blow the whistle on it? Why didn’t you resign? Why didn’t report this to Congress?” Ray said.