Robert Ray Interviewed on CNN Tonight on Trump-Russia Probe

“Trump Helps Son Don Junior”

CUOMO: All right. So let’s, Robert, you play the role of the proverbial bucket of cold water on this. Do you think these woes qualify as false statements for the purpose of legal analysis?

ROBERT RAY, FORMER WHITEWATER INDEPENDENT COUNSEL & SPECIAL PROSECUTOR: Well, not in a criminal context. Because first of all, false statements to the media don’t give rise to a criminal proceeding, that only applies to statements made to government officials. I mean, let’s not be overly technical about this.

It’s a P.R. problem. It’s political problem. It’s a credibility problem which is not insignificant. And as I think, you know, your network has shown over the course of the past hour so with Jonathan Turley, I think I’m in agreement with the general notion that let’s not try to turn every single disclosure event into it’s an impeachable event or a possible criminal case. I don’t think that that’s what we’re really talking about here.

Whether he weighed in or dictated it, I mean the problem is for the White House is a credibility issue. But it doesn’t really rise to the level of a criminal offense. It’s not obstruction of justice and it involves a family member, you know, to boot. I mean, seriously, he’s trying to, you know, orchestrate or impact what Donald Trump, Jr. would testify to. I mean, that’s clearly not what his intent was. He was trying to manage a news story. CUOMO: Well, he don’t know what his intentions were until he tells us

what they were. And you can look at this on a couple levels. One is, just because it’s not illegal doesn’t mean it’s not wrong, right?

RAY: Absolutely.